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The Blessing of Mars - a nice story I belief

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1 The Blessing of Mars - a nice story I belief on Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:33 pm


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The Blessing of Mars

It was a bright sunny day when a priest named Borealis was walking on the road and looking to the green landscape with olive bushes and cypress in a long line in front of the stone road. Borealis and his friend Mercas also a priest begone to talk while they where walking to there town.
"A blessed day it is." Mercas replied. Borealis takes his cup to his mouth and drinks some wine. "Indeed Mercas." Both priests where talking further, but a group of raiders was coming closer in gallop. The small stones lying on the ground where slowly shaking and shaking more when the raiders coming closer.
"I hold them off, they want the precious relics we carry run for it Borealis!" Mercas takes of a precious ring and gives it to his friend Borealis. "I can't leave you, they will kill you if they find out you are worthless to them." I will make up a story about a treasure we guard, I will keep them busy you have to run and hide Borealis." He shouted at his friend. A raider takes his bow and aims at both priests, he fires and Mercas had no other choice but to jump in front of Borealis. The arrow went right trough Mercas his belly and a pool of blood appeared on the stone road.
Borealis went trough some bushes for some paces and heard the raider stop near the dead body while running away from it. "No, no I can't belief this my friend gone." He shouts to the sky.
He stopped with running and his feet where standing on dry sand, no green was to be seen. All was dead or abonded. He shouted to the sky: "Mars I am a Christian but deep in me still a Pagan. "Mars" Borealis begone again. "Mars give me vengeance." He shouted at the bright sun. He kept waiting, and waiting ... But nothing happened and he buried the body of his dead friend when the raiders left.
He made a oath to become a knight and defend the helpless, but kept wondering why the Pagan God did not answer back. Every time when he went back to sleep he told himself: "It must be because I was wearing a Christian robe."

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