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The Wanderer of New York a epic story

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1 The Wanderer of New York a epic story on Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:39 pm


New To CP!
The Wanderer of New York

Clark was born in Boston in 1958 and went to school there until he was 18. Then he stopped to go to school. He didn't like to learn and thought school was a waste of time. So without completing his study he had no diploma. His parents, mother a drug addict and father who went away every day and night and lived mostly on the streets in clubs and bars with other woman was also no help to the education of Clark. Clark was determined to leave Boston in search for a better life. His search made him go to Springfield for 15 years of his life he stayed there doing a job as cleaner in a hospital that payed him 6,14 $ in a day he could just mange to get his flat rent payed in time, and buy food. He enjoyed movies he took from the video shop, 4 blocks from where he works and 1 mile from his flat he had. A hard but good life he told himself many times in the mirror.

But something terrible happened at the hospital he had to clean a room of a heart patient. There was no nurse or doctor nearby, so if anything would go wrong it would be fatal to the heart patient. Clark went trough the door with his MP3 on in his ears listing to some rock music he puts his bucket with water near the wall plug and then fast uses his brush and drops it in and out the water and then brutally on the beat of the music cleans the room but he got to close to the wall plug where all kinds of equipment where put on to keep the hear patient alive. A flush of water came on the wall plug, and short circuit followed. Clark was panicking and didn't know what was going on, he saw Rick Walles the name of the patient go in a shock he fastlly tried to give him air from his mouth to his but he last word where or last sounds ...

Rick Walles: I aah, "cough" I can't breath, I "cough" die, its ok kid "heavy breathing".... "cough" sigh .................

Clark: No don't die!! Please I ed up please man I didn't know I ... stupid MP3.

It was a teribble end for the patient and for the family to hear it had to end with an short circuit. The director and his staff demanded compensation to be payed to the family and that he would never ever come here back even as an patient. The words where:

director: I don't know how you do this but you ed up and I don't give a new chance to people that kill one of my patient. You will pay and then leave!

Clark: I am terribly sorry, but how can I pay I will have almost no money when I do where can I go I just had a life here ?

Director: You will pay or I will sent the cops at you kid life is hard but that is just how you make it.

He payed all the demanded compensation and promised to never return and so his journey continues, his desire to find a new life has never been so great. He had a feeling when he sleeps at night in a motel the ghost of Rick Walles whispers his name over and over: Clark, Clark, I died Clark, .... It was a pain in his head, stress and depression, but Clark was so eager for a new life he kept on fighting. He had stayed in 7 motels and drove with his car 50 miles that brought him to Sunbury.

Clark his car:


It was 1 o' clock, it was dark and most where gone to sleep, he rings at the doorbell of an house. Clark had to find a cheap place to stay during the night, the motels where to much for him to pay. A old couple opens the door. The man his name was if I can remember Hendrick Salsa and his wife Lisa Bertis, 2 proud American citizens.

Lisa Bertis: What do you want so late during the nights ?

Hendrick Salsa: I told you guy's to back off, we don't want your stuff from the stores!

Clark: I am not who you think I am, I am just a traveler who is seeking a place to stay for a while. Can I please stay in your house, I can pay.

Lisa Betis: We have a free room for guests, you can but don't dare to steal anything. You look like a good guy so please stay on that path by not stealing.

Clark: I am good, I can pay you for every week 3,14 $.

Hendrick Salsa: When you wake up do you want breakfast ? And some extra blankets ? If yes make that 4,14 $.

Clark: Ok its a deal, do you know Hendrick where I can find a job in this town ?

Lisa Bertis: I think I know, the mall here can use some new people. If you don't do anything wrong It's a job that gets you payed. You look still young may I know how old you are ?

Clark: I am 33. Thanks tomorrow I go right to it!

The old couple went back to sleep when the husband of Lisa made a cup of hot chocolate for Clark. Clark went to sleep 20 min. after in his bed in the guest room. He had one picture of his mother and father standing together before it went bad with them. And he puts his wallet under his pillow. He sold all his furniture so he had enough cash to travel. He now stays in a detached house, when he steps on the floor he can hear it always crack.

Then he things to himself must be so the couple can hear if I try to steal something, he then begins to laugh quite and then cries when he falls to sleep. He still remembers his full name Clark Delver, Delver from his father Jack Delver.

His life was a mess but he manged to get a place to sleep, now only a job and he would be back on his feet.


(New Update)

It was 7 o'clock and Clark slowly woke up, (Clark: Yet an other day.) "yawn" Can I get breakfast already ? "long yawn" Lisa Bertis yells: Yes you can come.

He sits on the chair and eats some cornflakes with milk, jam and honey on his slice of bread. Clark: Thanks for this lovly breaktfast! Now I am going to applicate for a job.

He goes out of the house with all his stuff puts it in the back of his car and drives to the mall. When he enters the mall he sees the manger Steven Clash. Clark knew it because he had a badge on his shirt with Mall Manger on it.

Steven Clash:


Clark: Excuse me sir I am searching for a job and I heard there was need for people here at the mall ?

Steven Clash: Who told you that ?

Clark: An old couple. But can I get a job here ?

Steven Clash: We are indeed in need of people. Have you had any experience in this kind of job ?

Clark: No but I ... (He thinks about the hospital incident) I have done a job in the past but I rather don't speak about it. I have time and I am eager not lazy. Please ?

Steven Clash: OK then but if you make a mistake its over, fired. At the end of every month your pay check will be 45,48 $. You have to put stuff on the shelfs and sometimes mange the cash desk. You think you can do that ? (He looks at Clark with a pist off face)

Clark I am 33 sure! I am not a kid you know.

And so he had a job again, hope made his heart warm in those hard times. Now he could get back to his old life in a kind of way but he still remembers Rick Walles. Days past and Steven was impressed how Clark handled things and how he manged to do what was asked of him. 4 years past and Clark had moved away for 2 years from the old couple and now lives in a bigger flat then in the past. He had his own bed, shower, toilet, he felt happy since a long time. But it was to quite in Sunbury he had manged to get 584 $ in his time and he had also bought a new car:


He left Subury gave 14 $ and some chocolate to the old couple: (Lisa Bertis - Hendrick Salsa) He thanks Steven Clash for taking him and helping him trough the 4 years with giving advice on how to organize his flat. He was now 37 in the year 1995 the 6th of June.

The chocolate and beer present


Clark waves with his right hand high so the people of Sunbury could see his hand then they knew he told them good by. He had made some friends but he didn't find what he was searching for in his life.

This time he didn't sell the furniture and stuff he bought, but he left it in the flat of him if he ever would return to Sunbury. He now went on freeway to the city of Philadelphia. He wanted to go to there when he was just a child. He hopes his dreams will come true in the new city but first he had to drive all the way from Sunbury to Philadelphia, a 7 hours and 41 minutes drive.

The road to Clark his destination:


He went on the freeway while listing to the radio to the Beatles. He turned the radio louder so he could hear the music effect better and feel it. "Hum, Hum" There was allot of Traffic on the freeway so he toots one's horn. Clark doesn't want to be waiting so long he wants to get moving! 3 hours and 20 minutes he drove with his car he stopped at a little village called Bedford to drink and eat. He parks his car near a café and enters.

Clark: Hello I want a sandwich with ham and eggs with a cup of coffee please.

Servant: Thats it ?

Clark: No, I want a bottle of cola to, that is it.

Servant: Coming right up sir.

Clark looked around in the room of the café and saw a clock against the wall. It was already 12 o' clock in the afternoon. He saw a father and mother with 2 kids all together sitting on a chair on a table waiting like him for his order. He was thinking of having a family to but he was getting aged, but still he wanted to find the love of his life.

Servant: Here is your meal sir that would be 4,17 $ please.

Clark: Not so cheap but here you go have a nice day doing your job.

Servant: Thanks but I don't like this job I just do it to get income you know.

Clark: A yes I know I have experienced it myself.

Servant: Really ? And what would you do if you where in my shoes ?

Clark: Traveling when you have enough money.

Servant: Hmmm, I see euh nice day to you!

Clark: Likewise.

Clark was starving and had joy when eating his meal and going after wards back on the freeway to Philadelphia. He drove again for 3 hours and 21 minutes and he finally arrived in the city where he wanted to stay for a long time maybe for the rest of his life. When the saw the city hall and the large massive buildings he knew this is a city worth staying in. There where people, jobs, nature, music, food all the things Clark knew and new things he could do or learn.

It was nearly 4 o'clock so he had some free time before searching for a place to sleep. He founded a very lovely place and then goes to sit on a bench. Clark feels the wind in his face and breaths the fresh air he feels good now, peaceful.

The spot of Clark


He closed his eye's to hear the leaves of the trees move with the wind and he heard the births, Clark had stress, but now it seems to be gone in a mysterious way. He trows a coin in the fountain and makes a wish. Clark: "I wish I saw my parents again, and that I could tell them I want to apologizes for running away without a good by."

An hour past, in Clark's mind: "Time goes to fast when you have joy. sigh" He went back in his car and begone to drive in the city to find a place to stay.

After 10 minutes he parked near a youth hostel and went inside after locking his car. He was stunt by the size of the building and how high in stood up trough out the city and the other buildings. There where flags hanging out of 3 windows with the name of the youth hostel "Claston's Tab" with a yellow background. Clark was impressed so far and went inside to get a room.

He came into the income hall and saw a man in the fifties sitting on a chair and working on a pc. Manging the affairs of the youth hostel and went to him with his bags of clothes and stuff to ask for a room.

Clark: Hello I am a travel and want to stay in Philadelphia for a while, maybe 2 weeks.

Kelden: Hi there, what brings you here if I may ask ? A single bed I supose ?

Clark: My dreams bring me hear, I have done pretty much already originally I come from Boston. you look a little bit like my father, yes a single bed.

Kelden: I see many come to make there dreams come true, enjoy your stay, there are many interesting places to visit. A Boston nice place I heard, how did you father look like ?

Clark: He had brown eye's, brown grey hair, he was long, had a beard from his ears to his chin.

Kelden: I see, well enjoy and maybe sya around. For 2 weeks here in a single room that would be 45 $ please.

Clark: That ain't cheap, well here you go.

Clark takes his wallet and puts out some dollars and puts them on the counter until he has 45 $. Then he leaves with a smile and goes to his room. When he is on the second floor next to his room he has forgotten to ask for the key. He goes back to the reception and ...

Clark: He Kelden forget the key to the room, (Clark feeling stupid) it must be because I am kind of nervous.

Kelden: No problem man, lets see room 14 it was right ?

Clark: I think so on the sheet of paper it stands to.

Kelden: Well here you are. If you have any question at all feel free to ask me. I am here from 9 'o clock in the morning to 7 'o clock in the evening.

Clark: Will do.

Clark went back to the second floor and looked to the door numbers, (room 14, he told himself) this must be it. He opens up and starts to unpack his clothes and stuff. It was 7 o' clock in the evening and he could not do much now, to late to find a job so he decided to stay and go to the lobby downstairs. And read one of the books there from the store.

The rack of books:


There where many books from he where he could choose. He took a book about The mysteries of life by Gregory Fox. He begone to read didn't look at the clock in the lobby to see what time it was but found it interesting what he was reading he forgot the time. He had read 18 pages and 1 hour had past.

He had a little bit a headache from all the information he just gathered. But learned allot.

Gregory Fox:


He eats a tomato and carrot before going to bed and fall asleep. He had hard times falling asleep, the sound of cars driving fast on the street next to his closed window didn't make it easy to sleep. But in time in finally fell asleep when it was 1 'o clock. The next morning he went out of bed changed clothes, and put on a black suit. He took the newspaper and searched for the advertisements if people need a person for a job. He reads some and then see:

Metaroth (company) wants you! Person needed who can work in an office and has much time and is very independent a team player who can work in a group, a person who can plan well. With experience, not required but would be liked. Call: (Phone number)

Clark things its a excellent job for him and calls for a meeting to be made, after a long conversation with the guy on the phone he convinced he was an excellent man for the job. Clark can come to speak and make an application. 2 days past and it was so far, Metaroth is an large company 2 miles form his youth hostel. It mostly makes sure paperwork of other companies is correct and not faked, and as a sub-income of there own they sell food to little shops in Philadelphia.

The logo of the company where Clark is going to work: (maybe)


Clark looks at the sheet of paper where the address is written on, and steps in his car and drives to the large company building, moves he car to the parking and walks inside to the reception.

Clark: Hi I have made an appointment with the boss of Metaroth.

Receptionist: First and last name ?

Clark: Clark Delver.

Receptionist: (Typing in the PC the name) Clark Delver 11 o' clock in the morning with John Delvin business manager of Metaroth. Second floor, hall way to the left, there you will see a large area with the name of the company and if you move further the door with on it the name John Delvin. I wish you a good stay here!

Clark: Thanks for giving a detailed inscription, and thank you, hope I get a job now, sigh.

Clark goes up the stairs and turn to the left and knocks on the door he found in 9 minutes or so by walking in wrong directions. Clark is very nerves because this is it, this is the moment he has been fighting for a good future waits for him if he comes back out of that door with a contract.

The boss of Clark: John Delvin


Clark: Knock, knock.

John Delvin: Come in.

Clark: Thank you sir for letting me present myself, I am very grateful for that.

John Delvin: Not to hasty, what are your qualities Clark ?

Clark: I am a hard worker. Spent my time well, does what is asked of me. I take responsibility and I am a team player.

John Delvin: I really want to belief you, but you first have to prove yourself. You may work here at Metaroth for 1 month and if you did an excellent job so far you can cme and work here. See your new job then earned. Have you got any expierience with this kind of job before ?

Clark: I don't have but I have followed a fast and excellent course to learn for office. I thank you for giving me an income and a job, I shall prove to you I am what I say I am.

One month past and Clark did what was asked of him, and was a team leader of some projects of the company and further on he got his job finally on the first of December 1995. At the age of 37 he did pretty well in making friend that where allot younger then him and had other interests then him. He discovered the world of teenager from that time and went out to the movies and clubs to drink.

The speeche of Clark to John Delvin and the staff of Metaroth:

Clark: I thank you so much, it has been a interesting month and a hard one, I have learned things seen things, I have worked but also relaxed during the test month. I thank John for accepting me! Roldan for helping me with the PC and doing and using the equipment and hardware. Byran and Josh as a friends and good colleague, I really look forth to this and working with you guy's and with the people I have yet to know.

John Delvin: No problem, for your hard work and team spirit I give you your contract that you work at Metaroth until you retire, congrats!

Clark: I am so happy now, "this is the best time of my life".

John Delvin: We always are looking for such eager and interesting people like you, your pay check will be $ 69,45 a month. Starting right on this moment, so get back to work and make sure our company grows on the market!

Clark: Yes John!

Business went good but Clark didn't buy a new home he just rented a room in a hotel for the time being. He was tired of having a new home and then packing up. He made some good money. He gave speeches to the newbies of the company where he worked. He did remarkable things he was damn proud of. But still he didn't find in the city of Philadelphia what he was searching for. The stores, impressive buildings, the amount of people who come and go trough the streets, it didn't do Clark any good so after 6 years he moved away leaving a large company behind thanks to him. A picture of him was placed on the wall of Legends of Metaroth. He now went back on the freeway to find that one place he would like to spent the rest of his life.

He heard of the biggest city of America "New York" is a city that is alive during day and night, he was determined to go there.

The night live of New York:


When it was 5 PM he drove of the freeway with an open mouth. He saw an epic city he wanted to explore and see. He rents a room for 3 days and every day he views the New York Times and on the second day Wednesday he find an advertisement for a house located in Brooklyn. He contacts the person in charge and ask how much he needs to buy to become the owner.

Clark: hello I saw your advertisement in the newspaper and I am interested in buying it.

Salesmen: Hello thanks for contacting me. When are you planning to move in ?

Clark: As fast as possible, how much ?

Salesmen: Not to hasty but I see, $ 470 every month you will need to pay me.

Clark: K, I come by to finish the paper work.

Salesmen: Kenton street, house number 32.

After discussing the payment and the papers singed, Clark had a place to call home again. But after few days something terrible happened, a thief manged to get all Clark's money, Clark was forced to sell all he had including his car. He now lived on the streets with one pair of pair of trousers, a pair of gloves, a hat, and a pullover. It was winter and the cold wind went right trough Clark his clothes. The snow on the ground cracks every time he moves his feet. He begs to the people who come by for money to buy him a sandwich. Sometimes he was lucky to use his charm on older woman. And so he stalks the streets of New York at the age of 43 in the year 2001 but 1 month later in a terrible storm Clark was losing his body heat very fast, the people just stood there or walking fast to there houses while Clark was slowly getting tired and on the ground with his 2 hands close to his belly to keep the heat to him, he was thinking about his father of he every would see him again, he was thinking of his friends at Metaroth, he was thinking back at his life, and 3 hours later he died of hypothermina with cold fingers frozen feet and with 2 open eye's looking to the sky.

(The end of the story)

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2 Re: The Wanderer of New York a epic story on Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:54 am


It is too big and cool .

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