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*~Hiring all positions~

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1 *~Hiring all positions~ on Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:39 pm


New To CP!
Well that is, we are not hiring Admins. Only, Co-Admins, G-Mods, Mods, LR's, LM's, CE/CR's and GLM's.
This is a Super Mario Flash site, we want to know you are reliable, so if you come active and got what it takes you could become any of the above! But make sure you apply.

LR'S and LM's ~Level Rater's are people who rate other's levels and their rate counts for two times. This is a beginner job, which is good for starters. Level Mover's are the people who have the privilege to move levels to either, Bests, Goods or Spams. This is also a beginner job.
GLM's ~A Great Level Maker is a person who is a respected level maker and make the best of the best levels. Their aren't many requirements, but I suggest you practice first.
Mod's and G-Mods ~A Moderator is a respected person who has the ability to edit or delete topics and posts if they may have something bad in them. They can also warn users if they have done something wrong. A Global Moderator is a person who has the ability to do everything a Mod can do plus is able to ban users if what they did was extremely bad or have repeated the same offence before. You need to be a Mod before you are a G-Mod.
Co-Admin's ~VERY, VERY, VERY hard to get and need to be a G-Mod first. A Co-Administrator can do basically anything an Admin can do but is restricted to few places in the ACP.

Have Fun!
Well thats the link to my site!

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2 Re: *~Hiring all positions~ on Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:48 pm


I can be a co-admin or Global moderator .

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