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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. (self made article)

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New To CP!
b]I proudly present to you: [/b]
[size=150]The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

1.Great Pyramid of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. It is the only one left of the seven ancient wonders. It has been the biggest and largest building for over 3,800 years. The pyramid was build for Egyptian king Khufu second king of the fourth dynasty. The Great Pyramid at Giza is thirty times larger than the Empire State Building in mass. The pyramid is so big you can see it from the moon.

The Pyramid contains two interior chambers and a number of interior shafts. Below is a computer generated image of the pyramid:

Interesting thinks about the pyramid.

1)The area where the pyramid stands on can accommodate St Peter's in Rome, the cathedrals of Florence and Milan, and Westminster and St Paul's in London combined.

2)In the pyramid the temature is at a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is exactly the same at the earths internal temperature.

3)It has been suggested that there are enough blocks in the three pyramids to build a 3 m 10 feet high, 0.3 m 1 feet thick wall around France.

Date of construction: 2584 BC
Finshed in: 2561 BC
construction time: 23 years
Builder: Egyptians
Date of destruction: About 4500 years old and Still standing.

sources:[url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

2.Hanging Gardens of Babylon


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a piece of art, they where build by king Nebuchadnezzar II. He constructed it to please his sick wife.
His wife (Amytis of Media) missed the trees and plants of her homeland Persia. The location is unknown it could have been confused with gardens that existed at Nimrud. Several earthquakes have destroyed the gardens after the 2nd century BC.
The Hanging Gardens did not realy hang, meaning the plants and flowers didn't hang with cables or ropes. The name came from translatinon of the Greek word kremastos or in Latin pensillis. The 2 words stand for overhanging, as in the terrace or balcony.

Date of construction: 605 BC 562
Finshed in: 562 BC
construction time: 43 years
Builder: Babylonians
Date of destruction: After 1st century BC

This could be the remains of the Haning Gardens of Babylon, it must have been magnificent to see.

sources:[url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

3.Statue of Zeus at Olympia


The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, is a sitting Zeus made of ivory and gold-plated bronze. No copy in marble or bronze survived of the giant Statue. If the statue of Zeus where to stand up, he would unroof the temple. Strabo noted early in the first century BC.
The Olympic Games where first held in 776 BC near a shrine to Zeus. The Olympic Games grow in importance and it became obvious a new and larger temple had to be build, between 470 and 460 BC. The designer was Libon of Elis and his masterpiece, The Temple of Zeus, was completed in 456 BC.

Date of construction: 466 BC
Finshed in: 456 BC
construction time: 10 years for the temple
Statue was build in: 435 BC
Builder: Greeks
Date of destruction: 5th-6th centuries AD

sources: [url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

4.Temple of Artemis


The Temple of Artemis has been destroyed at least seven times and and rebuilt just as many times. There were previous temples on its site, where evidence of a sanctuary dates as early as the Bronze Age. In the seventh century the old temple was destroyed by a flood. Cretan architect Chersiphron and his son Metagenes designed and constructed the new temple, known as one of the wonders of the ancient world. It was a 120 year project. The temple was made of marble, there were 127 columns in total. The columns were 20 m, 60 feet high with Ionic capitals and carved circular sides.

Date of construction: 550 BC
Finshed in: unknown
construction time: unknown
Builder(s): Persians-Greeks-Lydians
Date of destruction: 356 BC by Herostratus-262 AD by the goths-391 AD by the mob led by St John Chrysostom.

Herostratus was a young men, who set fire to the Temple of Artemis. In his quest for fame on about July 20, 356 BC. Far from attempthing to evade responsibility for his act of arson, Herostratus claimed credit for destroying the temple. The Ephesean authorities not only executed him but who ever mention his name would be executed to. Herostratus quest didn't stop and the ancient historian Theopompus recorded the event and its perpetrator in his history.

Only some pillars and pieces of the temple of Artemis remain.

sources: [url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

5.Mausoleum of Mausolus


The Mausoleum of Mausolus was a tomb build for Mausolus, a Satrap in the Persian Empire. His wife and sister where also buried in the Mausoleum. The structure was designed by Satyros and Pythis 2 Greek architects. It stood approximately 45 meters, 135 feet in height.
The finished structure was considered to be such an magnificent piece of craftsmanship that Antipater of Sidon indentified it as one of his seven wonders of the ancient world. The Mausoleum overlooked the city of Halicarnassus for many centuries. It stood above the city ruins for some 17 centuries (1700 years). But then a series of earthquakes shatterd the columns and sent the stone chariot crashing to the ground.
By 1404 AD only the very base of the Mausoleum was still recongnizable.

Date of construction: 351 BC
Finshed in: unknown
construction time: unknown
Builder(s): Persians-Greeks-Carians
Date of destruction: 1494 AD

Here you can see the remains of the ones huge Mausoleum. Only stones and Pillers are still visible.

sources: [url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

6.Colossus of Rhodes


The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek god Helios. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Before its destruction the Colossus of Rhodes stood over 30 meters high in the sky, making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world.
In 305 BC a genereal invaded Rhodes with an army of 40 000 men. However the city was well defended and they lost the battle and abandoned the siege, leaving most of thier siege equipment. To celebrate their victory, the Rhodians sold the equipment left behind for 300 talents. (Worth in US$ 360 million in today's money.) And they decided to use the money to build a colossal statue of their patron god Helios.

Date of construction: 292 BC
Finshed in: 280 BC
construction time: 12 years
Builder: Greeks
Date of destruction: 226 BC

The head of the Colossus statue of Rhodos, that remains of the ones 30 meters high statue. (fake)

On this 2 spots highlighted with red circles, ones stood the 2 feet of the Colossus statue. (Rumor)

sources: [url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

7.Lighthouse of Alexandria


The Lighthouse of Alexandria may have been the third tallest building after the 2 Great Pyramids of Khufu and Khafra for its entire life.
It was a tower build in the 3rd century BC on the island of Pharos in Alexandria. The building had to serve as landmark and later as lighthouse for the island pharos. So impressive the ancient Egypt buildings where that is commanded 2 wonders.
1) The Great Pyramid of Giza was build near the beginning of Egyptian history while ..
2) The Lighthouse of Alexandria was build by Egypt's last pharaohs. Also the last one build and the last one standing of the 7 ancient wonders. Latter it was destoryed by a earthquake in 1303 AD and again in 1480 AD.

Date of construction:280 BC
Finshed in: unknown
construction time: unknown
Builder: Hellenistic Egypt
Date of destruction: 1303 AD

sources: [url=""][/url[/url]] / [url=""][/url[/url]]

The Seven Ancient wonders location on map.

All the 7 ancient wonder where build in the Middle East, 5 of them around the Mediterranean. It was for a very long time the center of the known world. Mighty civilizations have existed here. Egyptians one of the longest living empires in history together with China.
1)China=Emperor that takes all decisions is juge,ruler of all.
2)Egypt=Pharaoh seen as a god to the people, is ruler of all he has the same power like a Chinese Emperor.
3)Alexander the Great has conquered most of the Middle East and even a piece of India. Thanks to him and his conquest people begon to trade with one and a other, cities begon to grow, the Middle East was in it's top of power but when Alexander died, it would be a bloody war that stopped when the Roman armies take over a part of the Middle East, they had Egypt,Antolië,Syria,Judaea,etc. They had all lands around Mediterranean.
Have a good read and I hope you learn something new,

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Oh great ! I like this .

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