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Staff Conference Guidelines.

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1 Staff Conference Guidelines. on Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:30 am


Hi ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Staff Conference.

Incase you didn't know what the Staff Conference here is a little description of it below;
Here you have a Staff Conference, and the staff will take a minute to answer some of your questions you have. So basically staff can chill from their job for a minute and answer your questions that you have.

Here are the guidelines to using this forum:
  • Please do not ask long questions, keep them as simple as can be because staff need to keep up with their jobs around the community.
  • Keep all questions suitable so we do not upset other staff i htis forum as we would hate to upset them, humilate them or embarras them for certain reasons.
  • Stick to asking them questions not asking them about what was the latest music video you saw or what was the last girfriend you had.

Those are our guidelines the now and please stick to them.

***Please note that every staff member has every right to ignore your questions if they don't feel like answering them***

Hopefully you can enjoy this area without a disturbance while asking our staff questions.

Kindest Regards,
Creative Forums Management Team!

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